Lift Control Module

Entrotec's Lift Control Module (LCM) works in conjunction with the Apex Door Entry System, creating the Apex Lift Control Interface.

The Apex Lift Control Interface controls which floors residents and visitors may access via the use of Proximity Access Control and the Door Entry System.

There is a clear cut separation between the Door Entry and Proximity Access Control System. This ensures no confusion between system operations and allows for simple maintenance of both the Door Entry and the lift itself.

A combination of restrictive control and system features such as an antitailgating mechanism ensures resident safety is paramount and blocks remain secure.

Lift Control Features

Resident Lift Control:

Residents present their access control fob to reader to call lift to ground floor, only the button of the floor where they live will be enabled and lit*

Visitor Lift Control:

Restrictive access means visitors can only travel to the floor of the resident they are visiting. The Lift Control panel will only enable the button of the floor of the resident who has allowed access to the visitor

Residents allow access to visitors through the use of their door entry handsets

Lift Control Benefits

Ability to control multiple lifts with a single call panel

Timer relay module (TRM) can be used in conjunction with Lift Control System to allow visitors time to move between inner and outer doors

Resident fobs can optionally be programmed to activate the basement/car park level button

Compatible with standard Entrotec handsets - lock release is programmed for all doors and operations


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*Functionality dependent on lift manufacturer


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