North West Road

North West Road

North West Road* is a three block development located in Blackpool.

The block is managed by a Specialist Housing Association which provides supported accommodation for those with additional support needs, mental health problems and physical disabilities.

In 2015 North West Road was refurbished to better cater for its residents. It was identified that there was a requirement for a Door Entry System which was capable of contacting support staff 24/7 without the stigma of the traditional “Warden Call” System.

Entrotec became involved in the project at a very early stage and understood that a Standalone Door Entry System would offer greater security and peace of mind for the Specialist Housing Association and its clients.

Using a combination of high quality products such as the Apex Video Door Entry System and EntroNet Lite, Entrotec were able to provide a flexible yet advanced solution.

The Apex Video Door Entry System allows residents of North West Road to control who visits them with the use of video entry handsets. This provides a safer alternative to the traditional audio only Door Entry System as residents are able to identify who is calling without the need to speak to the caller.

EntroNet Lite's porter style Concierge System is an effective substitute for the Warden Call System which can be configured to suit individual needs. This enables residents to live independently knowing they have the option to contact on site staff for advice and assistance if required. In turn EntroNet Lite permits staff to intercept and authorise calls to residents using the EntroNet Lite handset if they deem it necessary.

Entrotec's solution provided a cost effective yet highly secure system which is unique to North West Road and its residents. *Due to the sensitive nature of those living within the aforementioned accommodation, we have changed the name of the location and end client.

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