Ealing Council

Ealing Council

With a population of around 350,000, Ealing is London’s third largest borough. Ealing symbolizes the capitals stark econimic divide:

In parts highly affluent but in others a large share of unemployed households can be found with around 13,000 households on its housing register. Ealing Council has been granted full control of its housing stock and has made a firm commitment to a major regeneration programme creating high quality, mixed tenure developments and communities.

PAC EasiNet Residential Access Control systems have been installed to prevent unwanted access through communal doors in residential developments. This is achieved via the use of programmed fobs and readers built into Entrotec door panels and connected to entrance doors. EasiNet is designed to simplify key holder management. Fobs can be re-programmed from a centralised computer via a simple phone call. This reduces administration costs whilst delivering maximum flexibility and system integrity at an affordable price.

Entrotec’s door entry systems with PAC EasiNet Residential Access Control have produced impressive results for Ealing Councils residential developments. The results include an improved quality of life for tenants by preventing easy access to blocks for non-residents. The incidence of criminal activity such as vandalism and drug dealing is then reduced, helping to make the borough a safer place to live. Additionally, the system has assisted Ealing Council address other fundamental issues they face such as benefit fraud and Anti-Social Behaviour. EasiNet’s reporting feature allows Ealing Council to conduct report runs on residential developments fob activity and actions have been taken to tackle fraudulent and criminal activity. So successful has this system been that reports have been used by the Police as supporting evidence for prosecutions. Entrotec are the leading PAC distributor for the residential market. We work closely with PAC and can provide you with the EasiNet Residential Access control system as well as other products in the PAC range, with or outwith our industry leading door entry systems. As part of this regeneration programme Ealing Council sought to significantly increase residential housing security in the area. Due to Entrotec’s reputation for delivering industry leading vandal resistant door entry systems, we are solely specified for door entry equipment in the borough.

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We listen to the needs of our clients. We can support the process from start to finish and ensure that your property whether residential or corporate building has the right, cost effective door entry solution with guarantees of quality that are incomparable in the market.

If you own or are involved with the management, construction or maintenance of multi-occupancy buildings then Entrotec is able to design and facilitate a total security solution that will protect you, your residents and your property. We source from local suppliers and are proud to manufacture our systems at our UK head office in Livingston.